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Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

In many cases, we can utilize this method which is a more confidential process of resolving a conflict without going before a judge or jury. This process is most often completed through arbitration or mediation.

ADR is highly adaptable to each individual case, keeps the details of the dispute confidential, and gives the control to the two parties involved—from identifying the core issues, all the way through the settlement. Our interest lies in providing you with the most conscientious legal services in Austin. We are here to listen to your conflict, your concerns, and the details of your case, and find a resolution that protects your interests and preserves your family.

Practice Areas


In Texas, there is no such thing as “legal separation” and approximately 50% of marriages end in divorce. If you have questions about this process, call us for a confidential consultation. There is no obligation; we are here to give you the information you need to make an informed decision.

Child Custody

We know that nothing is more important to you than your children. Texas seeks to always determine who a child’s primary conservator should be by making the child’s best interest tantamount. Whether you are arranging custody for the first time, or modifying an existing circumstance, we will put your children first.

Spousal Support

The statutory requirements for spousal support are so exacting that many spouses do not qualify to receive spousal support. We can help you determine whether you qualify to receive monthly support.

Child Support

Raising children is an expensive endeavor. We can offer you an explanation of the mechanisms of the Texas enforcement and collection system, as well as facilitate the enforcement of an existing order. We can also advise you on interstate and international support options.

Complex Property Issues

Dividing a marriage is often complicated by the division of property; this goes far beyond the home itself. We can help determine a fair division of stock options, retirement funds, business investments, and more, for your specific situation.

Grandparent Custody and Visitation Rights

Recently, the Texas legislature clarified the situations in which a grandparent can assert visitation and custodial rights of a grandchild. If you find yourself in a situation involving grandparents’ rights and you need advice, give us a call.

Domestic Violence and Protective Orders

Texas judges vary greatly in their treatment of domestic violence cases. Working with lawyers of our level of experience, however, can often provide you with an accurate prediction of the outcome. We can also provide likely success rate of obtaining a protective order, temporary restraining order, or other emergency orders necessary in your situation. You can trust us to fight for your rights in the courtroom.

Child Protective Services

Dealing with the Department of Protective and Regulatory Services (CPS) can be frightening and frustrating.  Only a professional with experience navigating this complex system can ensure a successful outcome in these matters. We have extensive ties with many members of the CPS network, including guardians and therapists who can help you to feel confident in the result of any CPS proceeding.

Visitation Rights

While parental visitation rights are usually fairly clear in most cases, non-parents face a more winding road in establishing and enforcing visitation rights to a child. We can explain and navigate this complex area of law, and give you a realistic picture of your options.

Attorney General Cases

If you have custody of a child and are using the services of the Attorney General to obtain child support, you may be surprised to learn that the Attorney General does not represent you in your case. Many parents about to go through the Attorney General system are unaware that the Attorney General will not take a position on visitation schedules or parental rights as part of your case. If you have concerns about the welfare of your child in the care of the other parent – or if you are just frustrated that you cannot get anyone from the Attorney General’s Office to call you back or answer your questions – give our office a call.

On the other hand, if you have received notice from the Attorney General that you are being pursued for child support, call an attorney immediately. You have rights that may unintentionally waive early on in the process. Rights that once waived may cost you thousands of dollars. Before ever talking to the Attorney General or appearing at their office or the courthouse, you should at least consult with an attorney about your rights before it is too late.


Adopting a child is a time for joy and celebration. It is also a very serious legal proceeding that, if things are done incorrectly, can lead to a painful and expensive aftermath if the adoption is later determined to have been improperly performed. No one wants to learn in the future that their son or daughter is not legally their child due to some mistake in paperwork or procedure. Therefore, make sure you hire a qualified and experienced attorney to ensure that your adoption is performed correctly. Your child is worth it.

Post-Decree Modifications & Enforcement

Life must go on after Divorce. Sometimes Court Orders & Parenting Agreements need to be modified or enforced. Most of the time one party is wanting change and the other party is opposed. Let our experience with these matters guide you in your specific needs:

  • Custody Modifications
  • Parenting Modifications
  • Child-Support Modifications
  • Relocations
  • Child-Support Enforcement
  • Divorce Decree Enforcement
Our success is demonstrated by our genuine concern and compassion for our clients. Family law often overlaps with many other areas of law such as real estate, corporate, finance, contract, and criminal. Our counselors have the ability to bring each aspect together to create a solution that meets your specific needs.